Become a Key Holder 

Get on court & play tennis with your friends/family

There are only 3 ways to play tennis at Alexandra Park

  1. Become a CCTP member 
  2. Receive coaching either group or individual
  3. Buy a key 

The latter is really straight forward. Buying a key would make you a Key Holder and grant you access to the courts for only £30 per year. Not only that you would also be able to play with 3 nominated players of your choice. As the Key Holder you MUST always be taking part so you can play singles or doubles with any of your 3 players on one pre-booked court. 

All you have to do to get a key is send us an email with 

  • your details on as the Key Holder 
  • the names of your 3 nominated players
Then we reply with

  • how to pay 
  • how to book your courts via an independent app
  • how to collect your key 

Email us now to get your key - [email protected] 

Please Note 

You can only book courts on the booking app once you have paid for either your CCTP membership or purchased a key for a year. 

You will be disappointed if you book and turn up as you will not be able to get on the courts as the site is NOT a pay to play. 

Simply, pay for a key or join the CCTP then you get a key to access the courts and the booking app information.