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CCTP Memberships 2024-2025

Cramlington Community Tennis Programme has 2 ways in which you can join the CCTP, save money & play more tennis. 

Annual Membership 


You would pay your annual CCTP membership on May 1st to be a member until April 30th the following year.

This can be calculated pro-rata also to enable players to join at any time of the year. 

All your coaching fees are then paid separately but you would have all CCTP membership benefits for the year. 


CCTP 2024-2025 membership fees are

Family £120.00 (2 adults + 2 children approx)
Adult £80.00
Student £50.00 
Junior £50.00 


Benefits included 

Court access 

online court booking

discount on coaching courses

1:1 lesson voucher 

£10 per player referral vouchers

Club matches/competitions 

Club leagues/teams

Free adult social play  

Junior club time (charge applies) 

Wimbledon Ballot  

Pay Monthly combined 


This is a monthly payment which is a 'combination' of your CCTP membership & weekly term time coaching broken down in to monthly payments to be spread more affordably over the year. You can setup this at any time and you receive all CCTP benefits providing you pay you subscription every month. 



For juniors there are 2 subscription payments on offer: 

1) CCTP membership & 1 hour of term time coaching =

  £15 per month 

2) CCTP membership & 2 hours+ of term time coaching = 

£22.50 per month 


For all adults it =

£22.50 per month 


All benefits are the same (see left) apart from junior club time is free to all junior players that pay monthly. 


Really easy to set up, simple pay you first month directly cash or bank transfer and then set up a standing order with your bank and ours for following months. For details please email 


Membership Form - please click on this link then we can process your membership. Once we have this completed form we can provide you with all relevant information

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