CCTP Coaching 

Please see all coaching opportunities available - Our next course is running from 7/9/21 for 6 weeks 

Sessions marked in black are at Alexandra Park 

Sessions marked in yellow are at Cramlington Sporting club 

Sessions marked in pink are LTA Youth Start sessions and must be booked online -[]=4000


4pm-5pm (6yrs-8yrs)

5pm-6pm (7yrs+) 

6pm-7pm (8yrs-11yrs)

6pm-7pm (8yrs-12yrs)

7pm-8pm (12yrs+)

8pm-9pm (16yrs+)

LTA Youth Start 

CCTP Development 

LTA Youth Start

LTA Youth Orange & Junior mix

Teen Tennis 

Adult Beginners + hit session

£29.99 +£5PP 

£24.00 (invitation only)

£29.00 +£5PP

£24.00 (CCTP Mem) £30.00 NonM

£24.00 (CCTP Mem) £30.00 NonM

£30.00 (CCTP Mem) £36.00 NonM


4pm-4.30pm (3-5yrs)

4.30pm-5.15pm (5-8yrs)

5.15pm-6pm (5-8yrs)

5.45pm-6.45pm (8-11yrs)

6.45pm-7.45pm (11-16yrs)

7.45pm-9pm (16yrs+)

LTA Youth Blue (tots tennis)

LTA Youth Red

LTA Youth Red

LTA Youth Orange 

Junior Tennis 

Adult improver Tennis 

£12.00 (CCTP Mem) £15.00 NonM

£24.00 (CCTP Mem) £30.00 NonM

£24.00 (CCTP Mem) £30.00 NonM

£24.00 (CCTP Mem) £30.00 NonM

£24.00 (CCTP Mem) £30.00 NonM

£37.50 (CCTP Mem) £43.20 NonM


5pm-6pm (8-11yrs)

LTA Youth Orange & Green Mix

£24.00 (CCTP Mem) £30.00 NonM

Any day

Any age/time 

1:1 lessons 

£25 per hour - 10% discount for block bookings 

Simply contact Phil on 07711479026 for email [email protected] for further information on any of the coaching sessions or courses.