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Coaching Information 

The CCTP coaching programme has been established in one shape or form for over 18 years now. During this time our coaching team lead by Head tennis coach Phil Barron have developed dozens of county level players & 3 National level players. 

Our coaching structure allows players of all ages and abilities to develop to their full potential. We offer a very good balanced programme with progression and competition to encourage players to enjoy tennis whilst they improve. 

How do I get coaching? 

  • Simply look at what we have to offer on the opposite page or on our coaching time table. 
  • Contact Phil on 07711479026 or at admin@cramtennis.co.uk to arrange which session/group is best for you.
  • You can try your first session for FREE

What happens if the weather is poor? 

  • We like players to wear appropriate clothing for the weather (hats, fleeces, gloves, coats etc) as we only cancel sessions if the weather is really poor. 
  • Coaches will notify you if the session is cancelled so please provide up to date mobile numbers or emails. 
  • If sessions are cancelled those players who have paid for an individual coaching course will receive a 'credit' on the next coaching course for all sessions that have been lost. - This is only if you have paid for your course in full, not paid, no credits.
  • 'Pay monthly players' have the option of switching to their session on alternative days throughout the year so they don't miss out. A player who has had some sessions cancelled when they attend on a Tuesday in January, might then do Tue & Wed sessions in April to make up for it ... the key thing is it is flexible so you get your tennis. 

CCTP Coaching pricing/costs 

  • All prices/costs displayed on the right page are based on if a player pays for the coaching course in full.
  • There is no longer a pay weekly option - players must pay for the course or the number of weeks they can attend.
  • Remember you can always try a session for FREE

Cramlington Community Tennis Programme

CCTP Coaching courses & information 



Term Time Tennis - June coaching course starts w/c 22nd of June x 5-weeks 

Please find below a wide range of tennis coaching opportunities for all ages & abilities. We have 2 ways to pay for your coaching sessions to help you manage your tennis costs:

  • Monthly combined -We have a monthly payment option. Where players can receive term time coaching & be a CCTP member for either £15.00 per month (1hr coaching per week + membership) or £22.50 per month (for a max of 3 coaching sessions per week + membership) - Simply set up a standing order to make your payments by contacting CCTP Jane Grey at admin@cramtennis.co.uk 
  • Pay in full per coaching course - Paying in full is cheaper than paying per week and guarantees your place on the course. You can pay as a non-member or member this way, just its cheaper for CCTP Members.

The prices/coaching costs displayed below are based on players paying for the full course at their first session if they want to pay weekly then costs differ please see left side of this page. 


What coaching session is best for you?


Tots Tennis – (age guidelines 3yrs-5yrs)


4pm – 4.30pm

@ Alexandra Park 

5-week coaching course = Full member £10.00, Non-members £12.50


Mini Tennis RED – (age guidelines 5yrs-7yrs)


4.30pm – 5.30pm

@ Alexandra park 

5-week coaching course = Full member £20.00 & Non-members £25.00


Mini Tennis ORANGE – (age guidelines 8yrs-10yrs)


6pm - 7pm

@ Alexandra Park 



5.45pm.6.45pm @ Alexandra Park 

5-week coaching course = Full member £20.00 & Non-members £25.00. 


Mini Tennis GREEN – (age guidelines 9yrs-11yrs) 



@ Alexandra Park



@ Alexandra Park 



@ Alexandra Park 

5-week coaching course = Full member £20.00, Non-members £25.00



Junior Tennis – (age guidelines 10yrs-12yrs)


6.45pm-7.45pm  @ Alexandra Park

5-Week coaching course = Full member £20.00, Non-member £25.00


Teen Tennis (age guidelines 13yrs-16yrs)



@ Alexandra Park

5-week coaching course = Full member £20.00 & Non-members £25.00


CCTP Club Time - (age guidelines 6yrs-16yrs)

Saturdays 10am-11.30am @ Alexandra Park, 

Every Saturday during term time (unless stated)

FREE to Pay monthly players (part of their month plan if selected) 

CCTP Members £5 but not availabel to Non-members.




If you are still unsure which session is best for you or would like some further information about a session then please contact CCTP Head coach Phil Barron admin@cramtennis.co.uk

Please wear clothes suitable for the weather conditions (hats, gloves, coats, fleeces, caps, suncream) as sessions will only be cancelled if the weather is severe, if the is the case you will receive a credit on the next course.



Coaching session information

Tots Tennis- For players aged 3 - 5 years. This is held indoors at The Sporting Club and is for players who are either too young or too inexperienced to take part in Mini Tennis Red.(Only 8 places per course)

Mini Tennis Red- Ideal for players aged 5 - 8 years and looks at the developing of the basic tennis skills and techniques. This is held both indoors at The Sporting Club and outside at Alexandra Park and The Sporting Club, dependent upon the session.

Mini Tennis Orange- Ideal for players aged 8 - 10 years. This stage in a players tennis development is great for bridging the gap between Mini Tennis Red (short course tennis) and Mini Tennis Green (the full game). Sessions are held outside at either The Sporting Club or Alexandra Park dependent upon the season.

Mini Tennis Green- Is the stage where the attention is directed more towards the full game, with players working on their technical shapes and tactical knowledge. Sessions are held outside at either The Sporting Club or Alexandra Park dependent upon the season.

Teen Tennis- This course is designed to help, benefit and develop players that are too old for Mini Tennis Green and prepare players for adult tennis. Sessions are held outside at either The Sporting Club or Alexandra Park dependent upon the season.

These sessions are always popular so please book as soon as possible.