How to play tennis in Cramlington

These are the options for players who are currently non-members of Cramlington Community Tennis Programme and would like to play tennis at Alexandra Park.

1) Join the CCTP - If you join you automatically have access to all the benefits that a member has, including a court key and social tennis options.

  • You can join as a full member  - which is from May 1st - April 30th each year, but can be calculated pro rata if you join later in the year. So you can join anytime.
  • You can join as a PM - 'Pay Monthly'  which combines a full membership and weekly coaching into one easy monthly payment.

2) Purchase a court key -  Become a 'Key holder' If you have no interest in joining the CCTP and would just like to play with you friends when is suitable for you then this option could be ideal for you. These keys are subject to availability as we must make sure that the holders are accountable for the courts and avoid any misuse of the courts, so full contact details must be provided by completing a form or email information.

For £30 a year players can have a court key for Alexandra Park and be able to use the courts for social play (outside of CCTP use) The CCTP programme and members have priority on Alexandra Park courts. A key holder option does not include any CCTP membership benefits.

The named Key Holder must be present when using the key. However they can name up to 3 other players that they will be playing tennis with (family or friends). No one else can use your key.

This is fantastic value for money, as if the key holder purchases a key for £30 and has 3 friends to play doubles with you could split the costs therefore playing tennis in your own social group for less than £10 a year!!! Most clubs would charge £5-£10 per hour to play ... this is a great deal. 

3) Join a coaching session - The CCTP coaching programme has a wide range of activities and sessions available to all ages and abilities. You can try a session for FREE and access coaching as a non-member. 

4) Pay to Play - We don't offer this at Alexandra Park as it is not a maned site. Non-members who just want to play with friends/socially on the odd occassion can pay for a court at Cramlington Sporting Club (outside of school hours). Court costs vary so please contact CSC directly to find out fees, normally £9 per court per hour... makes more sense to become a 'key holder' or CCTP member.

For further information on any of the above please contact Head coach Phil Barron on 07711479026